We Are Invictus Legal

Invictus Legal LLP provides paralegal services in St Catharines and all the cities in the Niagara region and always works in your best interests.

Regions Served

Our team of paralegals works for clients across the Niagara region and across Southern Ontario. St Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, and Port Colborne are essential urban centres in the Niagara Region. St Catharines is the largest city in the region, with approximately 139,000 residents. Niagara Falls is the second city in the region, with a population of 89,000. The Niagara region is part of southern Ontario, 50 kilometres across Lake Ontario from the City of Toronto.

Invictus Legal LLP is based firmly in the heart of “The Garden City” and serves the Niagara region, Hamilton, Burlington and much of the Greater Toronto Area.

Invictus Legal not only serves the Niagara Region but also has clients in Hamilton, Brantford, Burlington, Mississauga, Toronto, Brantford, Kitchener-Waterloo and other cities in Southern Ontario

Legal Services to Serve You

Invictus Legal LLP provides affordable legal services throughout Southern Ontario.

We service client problems in respect of landlord and tenant law, contract disputes, tort claims, construction law, administrative law, mediation, business and commerce, criminal law (summary), traffic tickets, municipal violations (building and fire codes), and a wide variety of provincial offences. We also assist with accident benefits, disability claims, ODSP, WISIAT, and human rights matters.

The goal of Invictus Legal is to provide professional legal services that matter to you and to fight for you where you need it most.

Landlord and Tenant Matters (General)

What is the Landlord and Tenant Board

Like many of Ontario’s administrative tribunals, the Landlord and Tenant Board has a direct impact on the lives of many people.  Its functions include arbitrating disputes between landlords and tenants, governing over rent increases and enforcing the Residential Tenancies Act.  This Board stands out more than most of other tribunals because of the number of people it impacts.

For tenants, it is about where they live, how safe and habitable their housing is and how affordable the rent.  For landlords, it’s often a major investment, a supplement to their retirement income and a part-time job.  However, when disputes arise, this affects everything, from having to spend money, hire a legal representative or be forced to understand a maze of rules and regulations to follow.  A crucial factor in dealing comfortably with these realities for both sides involves obtaining expert advice. Read more… “Landlord and Tenant Matters (General)”

The Art of Written Communications with the Court

Why you want to hire Invictus Legal LLP to draft your claim/defence/motion!

Pleadings are often mentioned in legal proceedings, mostly giving rise to a perplexed look from the individuals involved in pursuing the legal action. What is a “pleading” and why does it matter? Do you want one, and what type of pleading works best? What do you want to say to the Court and how do you say it? Read more… “The Art of Written Communications with the Court”

Choosing the Advocate that is Right for You

How Do You Find Information About a Lawyer or Paralegal?

Is Your Advocate a Regulated Professional?

So, you decided to hire a legal professional.  This is a daunting task.

First, check to see that your legal professional is listed in the Law Society of Ontario directory.  If their name is in the directory, they are licensed with the Law Society of Ontario and are able to provide you with legal advice or legal services.  Members in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario are insured for errors and omissions, as well as bound to a Code of Ethics.  If their name is not listed, they are not licensed and likely not authorized to provide the services you are seeking. Read more… “Choosing the Advocate that is Right for You”

Statutory Accident Benefits: After the Accident

What Are Statutory Accident Benefits?

Statutory Accident Benefits (or SABS) provides “no fault” insurance coverage to accident victims after a motor vehicle accident.  You do not have to be a driver of a motor vehicle to receive it.  You can also be a passenger, a pedestrian or using public transit at the time.  The benefits are set out to pay for medical, financial and certain other costs related to your injuries.

SABS is part of a mixed no fault/tort liability system, whereby SABS is the ‘no fault’ benefit.  For those more seriously injured, there is the tort system.  Under tort, an accident victim sues the other driver to augment SABS and to receive other “damages” in tort.  In order to sue, you must meet what the courts call “threshold”, which is beyond the discussion here. Read more… “Statutory Accident Benefits: After the Accident”

Should I Sue in Small Claims Court?

Something happens.

You are fired from your job, purchase a car from somebody that did not actually own it or loan a friend some money they did not repay.

Your first thought is to file a small claims suit against the person you feel owes you money.

Do I Have A Case (for Small Claims Court)?

As paralegals, we litigate a lot in small claims court.  Small claims court can deal with many, but not all, claims under $35,000.00.  Many times, another body, such as the Landlord and Tenant Board or License Appeals Tribunal have the jurisdiction to deal with your claim.  In many cases, these other forums must be the place you file your claim and not small claims court.  Paralegals can litigate in these other forums and we can tell you if the small claims court does not have the jurisdiction to help you. Read more… “Should I Sue in Small Claims Court?”