Eviction from Affordable Housing has put Man in Peril

A St. Catharines man says eviction from affordable housing has put him in peril. Affordable housing from organizations like Niagara Regional Houring are often the last step before homelessness.
In peril for eviction from affordable housing

A St. Catharines man says his health and well-being are being put in serious peril because he’s been evicted from his townhouse due to an assault charge that was laid against him and then later withdrawn. He suffers from a debilitating injury from when he was a nurse. It was physically impossible for him to have committed the alleged offence. “NRH should have accepted that decision of the criminal case,” said Rickie Bilecki.

While people can be evicted for criminal behaviour, this has to proven in a court of law.

This case is published in Niagara This Week and Invictus Legal LLP is grateful; to Pau Forsyth and the article is available at St. Catharines man says eviction has put him in peril (niagarathisweek.com).


Rickie is grateful for the assistance of Invictus Legal LLP, particularly his paralegal Justin O’Donnell who is assisting him with his human rights case.

O’Donnell asks where his client is supposed to go, “There’s a huge housing and homelessness crisis, where is this guy supposed to go: a tent city? He won’t survive out there given his health problems.” This is a part of a growing problem across Ontario. Placed like Niagara Regional Housing are supposed to help vulnerable people, however it should be noted that they do not have an eviction prevention program.

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