Professional Tribunals

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, dentist, lawyer, paralegal, engineer or hold another profession, professional ethics are likely vital to your success in your chosen field. In professional fields, ethics are vital. We all know of the Hippocratic oath, but outside medicine, as you know, other professions have similar standards of practice.


Professional Tribunals and ethics affect many people in many industries. Can Invictus Legal Help you?
Professional ethics refers to the standards of behaviour that various industries expect professionals within them to adhere to. Each industrial sector has a set of standards and moral principles that guide good practice in that field. These ethical standards can impact decision-making and behaviour in the workplace. Professional ethics are important because they help maintain a positive reputation for the profession. They also ensure that clients receive high-quality services.
Professional ethics vary depending on the profession. For example, doctors are bound to a professional code of ethics that exists independently of their employment. They are held to a universal code of conduct because of their chosen profession. Some common ethical dilemmas in the healthcare industry include patient confidentiality, informed consent, end-of-life care, and resource allocation.
Conflict of interest, for example, is a vital aspect of the legal profession. Breaching conflicts of interest in the legal profession can include representing clients with opposing interests, accepting gifts from clients, and representing clients with whom the lawyer has a personal relationship.
For a professional, breaching ethical standards can result in being reported to the relevant authority that governs your industry. It can lead to loss of income, being subject to discipline, or more. The ultimate outcome for you is being struck from the rolls of your profession. That is where you need a team of professionals to assist you in building your defence. That is what Invictus Legal can provide.

Your Professional Standing Matters

Your professional standing refers to your reputation, status, and credibility in your profession. Others in your profession and members of the general public constantly view your actions. Professionalism is about how well your peers and the public regard you.
Your professional standing is important because it can help you get recognized, earn respect, be approachable, and show that you’re dependable within your community. However, the governing bodies or colleges in your profession have a duty to the public, meaning anyone can call your professionalism into question.
Just because they question your professionalism doesn’t mean the end of your career. It’s important to remember that everyone makes mistakes and that it’s okay to ask for help when needed.
If you are ever in a situation where your professionalism is being questioned, it’s important to stay calm and remain professional and to try to work through the issue with your colleagues and/or supervisor. If you’re unsure how to handle the situation, you can always seek advice from a mentor. Additionally, you need the support of a competent legal team by your side. This is why you should call Invictus Legal LLP as soon as your reputation is questioned.

The Process

If you have received a complaint, it is important you engage a legal team to respond to your complaint. Having a legal professional represent you is vital. They manage all communications with your regulator and work with counsellors to assess whether professional counselling is appropriate. How communication is managed is a vital part of ensuring that you continue to work in your chosen field, that is why all communications must come from your legal representative.
Invictus Legal can assist to ensure your professional reputation remains intact. Our aim is to provide you a complete career saving package.