This page is to provide you with access to some of the best and most pertinent information sources there are on the internet. While no such list can be fully comprehensive (the net is a rather large area!) we will aim to do our best.

If you happen to know a site that you think should be included, either add a comment below or use the contact us page to let us know and we’ll look right into it!


Ministry of Transportation – This is the Ministry of Transportation’s home page and can contain new and useful changes and updates. It is tasked with creating, maintaining and enforcing laws under the Highway Traffic Act.

Ministry of Transportation, Demerit points – This page is the ministry’s explanation on the demerit point system and can help clear up some misunderstandings.

One of the Ministry’s numerous services is the ability to find out someone’s license status by phone or internet. This will tell you if they are suspended and if they need an ignition interlock device.
 Dial 1-900-565-6555 to access it via phone. A charge of $2.50 will be added to your phone bill.
Driver License Check Online provides a similar service online and costs $2.00 for each check.

check for a court date for my ticket (s) online:

Insurance Bureau of Canada – The Insurance of Canada for any changes in insurance laws, as well as initiatives and comments from the insurance side of the buisness.

The Hamilton Police Force Traffic Safety – This page has a lot of useful information on it in various traffic related offences and patterns regarding Hamilton

Highway Traffic Act – The current draft of the Highway Traffic Act by E-Laws for those of you brave enough to go through the statutes.

Provincial Offenses Courts – A list of the various Provincial Offenses courts in Ontario, addresses, and contact information.

Toronto Court Services – For those of you in Toronto, this site can help you find out the status of your ticket and court dates as well as providing some decent information otherwise.

Pay Tickets – For most regions in Ontario you can pay your speeding, provincial offenses or parking tickets online here.

Small Claims

Attorney General, Small Claims Area – The Attorney Generals’ site is a great resource in general but their small claims area in particular is very well done and useful.

Ontario Court Forms – A useful page with all the various forms you need for small claims proceedings

Landlord and Tenant

Landlord and Tenant Board Website – Provides information and forms for the Landlord and Tenant Board process.

Sample Additional terms for Section 15 of the Standard lease , downloadable PDF File by Invictus Legal LLP, copyright August 2018

General Legal

CLEO – Community Legal Education Ontario is an excellent site with a lot of free material available to help you learn about the legal system.

Your Legal Rights – One of Cleo’s projects this is an excellent source for important legal updates and common questions

Legal Aid – Legal Aid is a service provided that helps low-income families with many legal services.

E-Laws Ontario – is where Ontario laws are stored. It is a database of statutes and regulation in both full and consolidated form.

Canlii – For those of you interested in doing your own legal research, Canlii is a free site with access to some case law and the relevant statutes.

Law Society of Upper Canada – The Law Society of Upper Canada contains legal information, databases of paralegals and lawyers, rules regarding areas of practice, complaints about agents and general rules of conduct.


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