Landlord and Tenant

Ontario has many administrative tribunals, but few of them can match the direct impact that the Landlord and Tenant Board (called the Board or LTB here on) has upon people. Between managing rent increases, administration and mediation, it has a lot on its plate regarding residential tenancies and the fact that those things tend to be important makes it stand out even more.

For tenants it’s a case of where they live – where they can stay and rest their head at night. For landlords, it’s often a major investment that can affect everything in their lives, from where they have to spend time, income, expenses and a host of other things. The fact that so much rests on a few appearances on a Board that has its own set of rules, guidelines and processes makes getting experienced advice all the more important.

Its odd set up is what makes it difficult for many people or even representatives to go there. With few rules of evidence, changing styles based on adjudicator and an odd mixture of strictness in forms (for landlords mostly) and laxness (largely for tenants) each time someone goes to the Board it promises a unique experience. Gaining skill in dealing with the Board is in many ways a product of study, training and experience.  Invictus Legal LLP  is proud to provide skilled, experienced agents in this field.

Who does the Board effect?
A common misunderstanding is that the Board covers all the people who rent. This is not true, and their rules and protections do not apply to Landlords or Tenants in the following situations, please be aware that this is not an exclusive list.
– A commercial renter (essentially, the board deals only with residential units)
– Seasonal or Temporary Buildings
– Buildings which share a kitchen or bathroom with the owner or family of the owner.

I am a Landlord
Invictus Legal represents many smaller Landlords and tenants in the LTB dealing with problem issues. While the first step is to find out whether you are covered by the Board in all matters there are a lot of things we can do to help. The way the Board is set up, provides tenants with a large advantage over smaller landlords who lack the financial power of larger ones or the rules built in that heavily favour tenants. A consultation with us would help you know if the Board applies to your situation, and how to deal with the situation as effectively as possible.

I am a Tenant
Invictus Legal has represented tenants with problematic landlords in the past as well. While the Board rules are designed to help protect tenants there are many confusing things that happen and larger or more experienced Landlords know how to use the Board’s own processes to their advantage.  A consultation with us will allow us to advise you where you stand.

Where can I find out more?
The best step would be to contact us and book a consult. If you want to find out more on your own prior to consulting us, please check our Resources Page.