Obtaining a Short-Term Rental License

An increasing number of municipalities across Ontario are implementing bylaws to govern the use of short-term or vacation rental properties. Navigating new municipal rules is vital if you wish to do business in the sector. How you put together your license application matters. Navigating the process is why you should have legal representation.
The rules may apply to:
  • Bed and Breakfast homes,
  • Vacation Rentals.
  • Cottage Rentals,
  • Country Inns,
  • Vacation Apartments, and
  • Villas.
Generally, short-term rental owners rent the homes they own, or rooms within them, on a short-term basis. The general guideline for this is less than 28 consecutive days. Guests are allowed to re-visit and can extend their stay (provided it is not beyond 28 days total).
How does the municipality govern short-term rentals? Invictus Legal LLP has a record of working with owners and the local municipal governments to ensure you get your license. Invictus has the knowledge and experience of Municipal laws to empower your application.
While vacation rentals can be controversial in some municipalities. If that is a part of your business plan, then you need our team on board to make your business goal a reality. We collect all of the relevant materials and manage your license application.
Some vital compliance steps may include:
  • Commercial Liability Insurance.
  • Noise Bylaws.
  • Maximum occupancy rules.
  • Building and Fire Codes.
  • Renter’s Code
There is no YouTube video to help you complete your application. The rules of each city is different. That is why you need to engage one of our legal professionals to ensure your short-term rental license application succeeds.
Our team has managed applications in multiple cities, and we are here to ensure your application highlights the strengths of vacation rental property. Having a legal team manage your application ensures that communication remains professional at all times.
Some cities only allow owners to own short-term rentals for their principal residence. How do you manage this? What if you use corporate ownership for tax convenience? Invictus Legal LLP can give you some advice.
In some municipalities, licensees must collect and remit the Ontario Municipal Accommodation Tax to the local city. Managing interactions with municipal authorities is often a matter of managing the red-tape. That is what our team specializes in.
Additionally, in many cities, owners need to renew their vacation rental registration yearly. Invictus Legal can manage the continuing application process.