I am being sued – Can you help Defend me?

In Ontario, if you have been served a claim against you, don’t fling it in the drawer and forget about it. It is time to defend yourself. Lawsuits have specific deadlines you need to pay attention to as a defendant. Time is limited, and you need to take action. You need a defence.

Rule 9 of Rules of the Small Claims Court (O. Reg. 258/98) states, “a defendant who wishes to dispute a plaintiff’s claim shall, within 20 days of being served,” so you need to take action. It is time to call Invictus Legal LLP.

Time to build your Defence


The type of claims against you can include any of the following, plus many more causes:

  • Debts, or money owed to another person.
  • Your negligence caused injuries.
  • Improper installation or repairs.
  • Dishonoured cheques.
  • Repair and storage liens.
  • Property damage.

If you have been served with a lawsuit through the Small Claims Court, probably several questions run through your mind.

Do I need legal representation? The answer to that question depends on the complexity of your case. The concept of a Small Claims Court is one where the parties take or defend the action themselves. That said, while the dollar figure claimed is small, there can still be complex legal issues to be decided. This is where you need a legal representative.

It is best to seek legal help to at least understand the legal complexities of your case. Is it time to hire a professional litigation paralegal from Invictus Legal LLP? Remember, court staff cannot provide legal advice, but they can help you understand what forms you need to complete and when to submit them. As Invictus, our team will help you manage this process.

Limited Time


You only have a limited time to act, a limited time to serve and file your defence.

Even with time limits, Invictus Legal LLP is here to help you build a solid defence. Need to know what the rules are? That is exactly why you should engage our team.  Crafting a defence takes special skills. Not only is it essential to deny the other side’s case, but it is vital to demonstrate how the legal principles follow your arguments.

Then there is another question, do you have a claim against the person who sued you? This is often called a counter-claim, although the correct legal term is a defendant’s claim. You should seek legal advice when creating a defence or a defendant’s claim. Our team at Invictus Legal LLP is here to help you.

The best defence is always a strong one. Our team is fighting for your rights. We specialize in writing strong defences and testing the validity of the Plaintiff’s claim.