Highway Traffic Act Issues

Traffic tickets are a common issue that people contact the office about.  If one is not paying attention or fails to take them seriously, a range of consequences can take place that can have a huge impact on your driving privilege or even your freedom. These are some of the consequences that could affect you depending on your situation:

  • Fines;
  • Demerit Points;
  • Increase in, or denial of auto insurance;
  • Suspension or loss of license;
  • Restriction or loss of employment;
  • Loss of time (Attending court, filing papers…); and/or
  • Jail Time.

With all of those potential issues, it is important to seek legal advice and learn about your options.

What can I do about a Traffic Ticket?

Get information about your options. There is help out there to determine what is right for you.  You can choose to pay the ticket, represent yourself in court or hire one of our paralegals to assist you. To make a choice, you need to know what your options are and, most importantly, understand how those options can help you.

Invictus Legal LLP’s primary focus is to put you in the best possible position.

I have a Traffic Ticket(s) with a Fine on it! (Part 1)

If you have a traffic ticket(s) with a fine (and no court date), you should read here. These types of tickets are speeding (up to 49km/hr), stop signs, red light, and various other ones. While they often have lesser impacts there are some of them that are truly dangerous, and your insurance company may raise your rates significantly if you get two.

I received a Summons to Attend Court! (Part 3)

Known as a summons, these are for most of the major traffic tickets and you should seriously be considering getting at least some legal advice for the situation. These traffic tickets are often things like Stunt Driving, Drive under suspension or No insurance that have very large fines potentially as well as court dates.

I received a Summons to Attend Court and a Traffic Ticket with a Fine!

In this situation you have a lot of stuff going on and it is important that you know all the ramifications of what can happen. Please read up on the Summons page which discusses it and look at the “Traffic Ticket with a Fine page” for more about specifics on your traffic ticket with a fine.