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At Invictus Legal Services in St. Catharines, our Paralegals pay close attention to your legal issues and desired outcomes and we focus our years of legal and practical experience on resolving your matter(s).  We offer a broad range of paralegal services to residents of our practice areas. 

You need results.  We deliver!

We begin by listening and understanding what you wish to achieve. Then we craft our advice to your needs and your fact scenario.  For you, results matter and the same is true for us.  Results for us are happy clients.  Or maybe we should say satisfied clients who have achieved their anticipated results.  Because we take on the matters that matter to you, results matter.

With our varied background and experience, we provide many avenues and ideas to reach your destination.  Call us today for a consultation, and learn your rights and options now!

invictus-legal-firmAlthough headed in the Heart of Downtown St. Catharines, Invictus Legal LLP offers paid appointments in Niagara Region, Hamilton and Burlington and will occasionally work out into the GTA, depending on the matter.  We can connect in person, over Zoom or by telephone.

Our areas of practice include:  debt recovery, contract law, construction and renovation issues, employment matters, RSLA/PPSA actions (stored items, leased items), landlord and tenant board issues (for both landlords and tenants), education and school issues, disability claims (such as ODSP, CPP, WSIB and EI), OSPCA issues, provincial offences, driving and traffic offences, human rights and general litigation disputes before the small claims court (for both those filing the claim and those defending them).  Together, our firm will bring to your community over fifty (50) years of collective experience working in the legal field in public, corporate and private sectors.  We will continue to be Fighting Against All Odds!  Please give us a call at (905) 688-5598, to see if we can help.

For more information about Invictus Legal LLP and its Paralegals, click here .