Why Invictus


From Browne & Associates Legal Services

In the Niagara Region, many knew the name Browne and Associates Legal Services as a provider of excellent legal services.  Angela Browne and her team have been providing legal services for nearly three decades. They have been known for providing high-quality results for their clients for many years.

The years of 2021 and 2022 were a time for a change in many businesses and it was the same for us. The pandemic brought an increasing set of legal problems for the people of Niagara.

The company started from a cramped office with a law clerk and assistant to an office with multiple legal representatives.  From representing primarily residents in the Niagara area, we have been able to expand to representing residents across the province.  Our paralegals are taking on challenging cases in a wide variety of specialties and the clientele has grown correspondingly. The business grew in terms of demand for different specialties, starting with 2019, and then the pandemic hit.  Like many businesses, the pandemic brought a lot of interesting challenges, initially layoffs, then spurring growth in all sorts of areas.

The interest and demand for related services began to develop, as well as additions to the office of new licensees.

Peter Giblett Joins the Company

It was during a company meeting in 2021 that the founder announced that it was time to grow the business and encompass more scope than had previously been possible. It was from this idea that became Invictus Legal LLP (although the name came later). It was a seed that was germinating at that stage. It was at that time Angela Browne discussed the new direction with Peter Giblett, who at that time had served almost a year with her as an Associate under Browne & Associates Legal Services PC.

Peter Giblett brought to the team a unique background. He spent more than 30 years in the Information Technology sector.  He then sought a career change, completing his LLB (with honours) and qualifying at the Bar in England. Emigrating to Canada, he continued in the IT sector until being laid off. This allowed him to re-ignite his interest in the law.  After qualifying as a paralegal, he joined Browne and Associates. It was his legal knowledge and business acumen that made him a perfect fit as a partner at this emerging firm.

We are Invictus Legal LLP

The name “Invictus” means unconquerable or undefeated in Latin and was first written about in 1875 by William Ernest Henley, a poet whose work was often cited by Nelson Mandela.  When the partnership was beginning to form, all staff we asked to think of a name for the new entity.  After two selection processes and votes, the name Invictus Legal was chosen.  The slogan “Fight Against All Odds” was subsequently added.  The name was selected democratically through a vote by staff members who sought a name that symbolizes how the company fights for its clients.

Invictus symbolizes the fight for justice, particularly fighting for you.  The name and logo were the brainchildren of members of our staff is part of the firm’s general philosophy of allowing people to develop ideas and take on leadership roles from within.

Invictus Legal LLP is today still focused on providing high-quality legal advice, assistance, and fighting for the rights of its clients. we also provide mediation, negotiation, and other services. Here at Invictus, we fight for you, and we do so because your case matters to you.